Ms. Kyle's Classroom
Hello! I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year :) it's going to be a great year of learning, growth, and fun! I have been teaching for the past 6 years. I love sports, reading, and traveling. Most of all, I love teaching! I look forward to a wonderful year!
You can reach me anytime at [email protected] 

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Elearning for 1/4/2020-1/8/20


LSC has set the expectation that we take attendance twice a day. Most Elearning teachers take attendance through Zoom. I will not be doing this. I will be using assignments to take attendance. 
Morning attendance will be taken through their Morning Work. Afternoon attendance will be taken through a Math review worksheet. Neither of these assignments are for a grade, but I do encourage your kiddos to try their best!
Both will be independent work, so they won't need to rely on an adult to help them. 
We do have to do two Zooms a day. I plan to have one at 10:00 for Reading and 1:00 for Math. 
There are two links for Zooms. One is on the Zoom Button on my canvas page and the other is included in assignments. The students will be familiar with this as well. 
What if we can't do Zoom?That's okay! I will also have a PowerPoint attached in Canvas where I walk through the assignment and give direct instruction to the kiddos. Again, you will NOT be marked absent if your student can't participate in the Zoom. 
9:00-10:00-Morning Work (counts for attendance) and Spelling Activity 
10:00-Reading Zoom 
10:30-Reading Independent Work on Canvas
                    -During this time students will work on their assignments by themselves. They can  message me on Canvas if they have any questions during that time. 
11:45-12:40-Break and Lunch 
                      This is fairly flexible! This is their normal break time for Lunch/Recess at school. 
12:45- Math Review Worksheet (counts for afternoon attendance) 
1:00-Math Zoom 
1:30-Math Independent Work on Canvas 
                 --During this time students will work on their assignments by themselves. They can  message me on Canvas if they have any questions during that time. 

2:30-2:45- Dreambox 

Done for the day after!

Friday from 2:00-2:30: Will be Fun Fri-yay! This will be for all students that completed every assignment. We will Zoom together and do fun games to celebrate the end of the week. 
All assignments will be in Canvas. Your students have been using Canvas in my class daily since the start of school, so that should be helpful for any independent work. 
There will be no homework during this time, but I will be emailing daily IF any assignment isn't completed. I will also be messaging them on Canvas and talking to them during Zoom should any assignment be missing. 
We will be doing Reading, Spelling, and Math everyday. 
Resource Room/Title 

The Resource Teacher and Title Teachers will be reaching out with their own schedules. All students should try to be part of the Zooms at 10:00 and 1:00, but assignments might be different than the ones I assign. Again, they will reach out to you. 

Canvas-This is in app called "Student" on your kiddos IPad. They just need to open it to find their assignments. This is where you will find all assignments and the Canvas Video Tutorial. 

Contact Info 

Edgelea- 765-772-4780
Class Dojo 
I hope that everything is clear and flexible! Please don't be afraid to reach out for questions or concerns. Email is usually the best way to contact me. I will also be at school everyday during Remote Learning, so you may call if you need help! 
Hope we can all be back together soon and Happy New Year!