There's More Than Corn in Indiana-Our Media Center

Hello, My Name Is...

Mrs. Annette Miller


       I am the media specialist here at Edgelea.  I've been teaching since 1983, full time since 1992, and I still love my job!  Although my background is math and science, I also love literature and history, so the library is a perfect spot for me...I try to share that love of knowledge with my students.  I have an education focused family!  My husband works for Purdue University as an engineer in the Birck Nanotechnology center.  His specialty is ultra-pure water.  Our son and daughter-in-law both work at one of the county elementary schools.  Why, even my mother, aunt, grandmother and father-in-law were I said, a teaching family!
       This year we will be celebrating Indiana's bicentennial!  Be prepared to hear about Indiana's connection to space travel, farming, transportation and, of course, our amazing places to visit and enjoy.  Students will experience a wide variety of activities including writing, Readers' Theater, and art.  So, welcome to our Indiana celebration! 
       If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:
                        Edgelea Elementary School 765-772-4780