Reading Class
AR Goal
At the beginning of the quarter, students took an assessment to let us know what their reading level is.  We plug this information in, and a computerized program generates an AR goal and reading level for them.   Students are expected to read 30 minutes each night, in order to achieve their AR goal.  Students may read non-fiction picture books, or chapter books.  I do ask that they read non-fiction picture books twice because there are generally a lot of facts in them.  I send home reports every couple of weeks to communicate with parents about their child's AR progress.  
Reading Log
As previously stated, students are expected to read at least 30 minutes everyday.  Four days out of the week, students are expected to record a response to what they have read.  Each response should consist of at least three descriptive sentences.  At least once a week, parents are asked to sign the reading log, as per school policy.  Reading logs are given out on Mondays, and are due the following Monday.  Students who are sick/absent are still expected to record 4 days of the week.  

Speller's Choice Menu
Each week, students receive a Speller's Choice Menu.  This menu changes every month.  On each menu, there are different spelling activities that are worth different amounts of points.  Each week, students are expected to achieve 20 points.  They may only choose to do each activity one time per week.  These menus are given out on Monday, and are due on Friday.