Week of: February 13, 2017

SPELLING WORDS: went   next   night   last   ask
Test on Friday!

Sound Study: bossy "r" ar/or
 *Reminder* ALL homework MUST be signed by a parent for full points

     Monday: leveled Blend-It book or fluency passage
     Tuesday: Cold Read fluency AND comprehension page
     Wednesday:  math
     Thursday: spelling homework  


*numbers to 120 (read, write, recognize)
*relating addition and subtraction
*adding in our head (start from biggest number)
*clocks, time, calendar
*how many more, how many fewer
*word problems; key words to add or subtract
*double digit subtraction
*double digit addition
*balancing equations

   *Every night your child should be...
*Reading their Baggie Book
*getting their PINK February Reading Log signed
*doing any homework and getting it signed
*"Family Times" activity for that day 
*practicing their weekly spelling words
*getting their "LEFT at Home" side cleaned out of folder
*packing folder for the next day
*reviewing books from their "I Can Read It" boxes as needed for fluency building