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The ultimate test of any educational program is its success in encouraging and enabling each individual to achieve his or her fullest potential. Although the regular school curriculum meets the needs of most students, it does not serve adequately the needs of those highly able students who require special challenges to develop the many different kinds and degrees of ability or talent they possess. An educational program specifically designed to enable highly capable students to achieve at their own pace and at an appropriate level is an essential part of the total educational commitment. Such a program meets the needs of the individual, offers K-12 continuity, provides for peer interaction and develops responsibility for learning.

The Lafayette School Corporation is committed to the implementation of a program for high-ability students that will develop skills and attitudes that lead to a life of learning, self-development and service to society.

The Lafayette School Corporation’s High-Ability Program is based on a consideration of the characteristics and needs of high-ability youth. It addresses the concerns of students, parents, educators and the community in its attempt to meet the needs of high-ability students in general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, leadership, creativity, and the visual and performing arts. The K-12 program provides for the sequential development of higher-level thinking skills, study at an appropriate pace and level, appropriate materials, opportunities for independent study and research, and appropriate activities within the school and in the community. The elementary K-4 self-contained classrooms are held at Edgelea School. Additionally, each elementary school has an elementary cluster classroom for each grade, K-4, in their building. The EXCEL and Challenge Programs for grades 5-6 are held at Sunnyside Intermediate School and for grades 7-8 at Tecumseh Junior High School. The high school program consists of honors and AP classes at Jefferson High School.

Eligibility for placement in the High-Ability Program is determined by consideration of ability and achievement test scores, academic records, teacher recommendations, parent referral, student self-referral and other relevant information. Parents who feel their children have need for High-Ability Program services may refer their children for consideration for placement by contacting their building principal or the following:

Mandy Fisher

Lafayette School Corporation High Ability Coordinator


Edgelea Elementary
2910 S. 18th St.

Lafayette, IN 47909




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