Since we have "BEAR-ly" any days left (ha ha!) we are going to do some fun bear activities this week!
               Free Bears Animal Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
May 11, 13, 15


*20 mins.+2 lessons Dreambox per day (MWF)--60 mins and 6 lessons expected by Friday at 9 p.m.

*On Showbie:
      (due Wed.) fractions of a group worksheet
      (due Fri.) link to Kahoot Challenge: fractions of a group

*On Educreations

       (due Mon.) Watch "Fractions of a Group" video 
*In IXL       
      (due Fri.) Do X10, X11 to 100% completion


*On Showbie
-look in  gray WHOLE CLASS reading folder
             (the leveled folders are gone)
           (due Mon.) click link to watch "All About Bears" video
           (due Wed.) click link to listen to "Bear Facts Song"
           (due Wed.) click link to watch "Bears, A Very Cute Mammal"
           (due Fri.) click link to listen to read-aloud Bear Snores On
           (due Fri.) click link to listen to read-aloud Bear's Loose                                  Tooth
           (due Fri.) click link to listen to read-aloud The Very Cranky                             Bear

*In Raz-Kids (in My Assignments spaceship)
           (due Mon.) Read or listen to Brainstorm Bear (no quiz)

*In Showbie:
(see directions listed to make Bear Facts video book)
*In Educreations:
         (due Mon.) WATCH Mrs. Uglow's video book example
         (due Fri.) create Bear Fact Book (see Showbie for specific                       directions)
        *There is an extra video in Educreations with                             directions for how to use the tools to create your                   book. Have fun!!!!