Week of April 20th
Week of April 20th 
1. Describing Activity: Flip Grid Video Response 
Show & Tell Week 4
2. Grammar Activity: 3rd-4th grade 
Watch the Brain Pop Video: Verb Tenses Video 
Then take the quiz: Tenses Quiz

3. Earth Day Sorting Activity: K-2
Sort recyclables into different categories. Can be emailed to parents by request.

4. Language Activities (all grade levels)
Go on a scavenger hunt outside. Try to find the following items:
1. 3 different types of leaves. Compare and contrast them.
2. A bird's nest. Discuss what a habitat is. Name three other types of habitats and discuss who lives in each.
3. 3 different types of rocks. Use descriptive words (rough/smooth, sharp/dull, heavy/light) to describe them.
4. 3 types of plants/weeds. Use your senses, what do they look like? smell like? feel like?
5. Find 5 sticks, arrange them from smallest to largest.

Earth Day Following Directions (all grades): can be emailed to parents upon request!

Earth Day Context Clues: 3rd-4th grade: can be emailed to parents upon request.

Looking for more? Please email Mrs. Beardmore! [email protected]