Week of April 13th
Week of April 13th

1. Describing Activity: Flip Grid Video Response
Show & Tell Week 3: Describing with categories!

2. Vocabulary: 3rd-4th grade
First, watch the Brain Pop Video Idioms: Idioms
Then, complete the activity: idioms worksheet
Finally, work on "It's Raining Idioms!" Activity (emailed to parents)
4. Easter Egg Game: (emailed to parents 4-13-20)
5. Complete 2 activities from the blog: 20 5-minute speech and language activities to complete at home! 5 minute activities
6. Let's Practice Social Skills! Complete FlipGrid Video: Facial Expressions Activity
7. Literacy: Kindergarten-4th grade
Let's Learn about the Weather!
Watch the video: Weather 101 for kids (see below)

Receptive & Expressive language: Kindergarten-2nd grade
Answer the questions with an older sibling or adult.
What are three types of weather?
Who teaches us about the weather?
What does a weatherman do?

Talk about different types of weather, and the 4 seasons. What types of weather do we have in the spring?

Compare/Contrast types of weather: snow and rain, and sunny and cloudy.

Receptive & Expressive language: 3rd-4th grade
Write a definition for each of the vocabulary words below after watching the video. Then, write a sentence using each of the words and email it to Mrs. Beardmore when you are finished! [email protected]


Articulation: Kindergarten-1st grade
Make a puddle jumping station! Cut out blue circles from construction paper. Place your puddles around your house. Write a word with the target sound on each puddle. When your child jumps to the next puddle, practice the word on the puddle 5 times.

Check out this blog for more weather related activities: Weather activities