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Edgelea School
Welcome to Edgelea Elementary School

Edgelea is a child-centered school. We offer a challenging curriculum, including the district's high-ability program. Welcome!

Music class

Learning about rhythm and counting with Mr. Meador and his accordion!

Kids on playground
Nurturing Children

Everyone enjoys a break outside. 

Book Vending Machine
Book Vending Machine

As a reading incentive, students may earn a trip to the book vending machine and choose a title to take home. 

Girl writing

After a healthy lunch, there's always a little time to do some creative writing. 

Kids dancing
Innovative Learning

Students at Edgelea learn in innovative and creative ways. 

Kids at book fair

The annual book fair gives students a chance to buy some favorite titles. 

Boys playing basketball
A Fun Place to Learn

Playing basketball is one way to get some activity in.

Kids in classroom

Teachers at Edgelea make learning fun, applying Indiana State Standards in innovative lessons. 

Chinese class
Chinese Language Class

Students at Edgelea have the opportunity to learn Mandarin. 

Kids in class
Exposure to STEM

Third-graders enjoy working with chemistry during Purdue's chemistry week. 

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