Parent Information
I will be using this web page to keep you informed about what is going on in Room 11.  The Spelling and Parent Information will be added to weekly.  Thank you for keeping informed about your child. 

Your child becomes a part of my life very quickly and we are a family away from home.  They DO become a part of my heart. 

Check the Spelling folder to see this week's Spelling words. 

February 18
Remember that we DO NOT have school on Monday, February 19 because of President's Day.  We will then do a week's worth of work in 4 days.

We did finish the NWEA testing this last week and the early reports look like most of the students did well on the tests. 

We are doing a healthy eating program for the next several weeks with a person from Purdue and the students will be learning about healthy eating and exercising and will be getting to taste different foods each week.  They will be bringing information sheets home explaining what they learned and sometimes includes the recipes of the snacks we made.

Please encourage your child to keep up with their reading for AR quizzes.  They need to read and take at least 2 tests every week, and get 100% on them to make their goal.  If they do not pass them, they need to take even more tests.  They can bring books from home and take a quiz on them if they are available.  Many students are reading chapter books at home and need to take a test on them.

We are going to be doing some research on animals the next few weeks and I know they will be excited to share the information they learn.  It is always a fun unit and I am excited to start it.

The students are doing a great job on trying hard on tests, but we are having some problems with keeping up with the classwork.  With our short weeks, that has put several students way behind.  Please remind your child to work hard on the daily work so they do not get behind.  I am having them work with me at recess to try and catch up.

Please make sure that your child has a coat, hat and gloves since we do go outside when the temperature is 20 degrees and above.  They need to get some fresh air, but we want them to be warm as well.

Please make sure you are checking binders nightly and taking papers out of the binder.  Also be sure to sign the newsletter and the monthly calendar and check the behavior chart on the weekends.  This will help your child as I give a completion grade for the signatures.

Please, if you have any questions and concerns, let me know by email, phone or note.  I am only going to be sending the Behavior Sheet home on Fridays, so that I can keep a record during the week and then it will be sent home on Fridays for you to sign.  That way I will know which students will participate in Fun Friday. 

Thank you for taking the time to check your child's binder every night.  It is important for you to know when they have homework.

Until later......

Sandy Williams